Thursday, 16 September 2021

Thursday: Food Brochure


This is my last post for tonight. In this Google Drawings is my rating and my suggestion about the Maori Traditional Food, Hangi. I have also wrote some instructions of how to build the Hangi and how to make the meat,vegetables and the other things. These places that I have suggested to buy Hangi was really hard to find, since there wasn't that much places to buy Hangi. 
Anyways stay interested for more blog post tomorrow. Friday is the best day of the week for school work. 
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4 Facts: Famous Māori. September 15th 2021.


Here is some well-known facts about the Famous Respected maori leader that was born in December 9th 1985, Dame Whina Cooper. She is a famous Maori that believed the Pakeha and Maori could come together. If you are interested read the 4 facts I have put down for you on this page! :) 

As always stay tuned for more! :)

Bronze Thu T3 W8


Today for Maths I have posted the 1st part of what I am doing for Bronze. But the next 2 parts is going to be Gold and Silver if I am lucky enough to stay up to finish them. Well here is my bronze maths task all about shapes and creating pictures with them. Stay tuned for the next 2 (either tonight or tomorrow.) :)

4 Facts: How to prepare a hangi


Today I have prepared on my blog some facts about how to prepare a Hangi before you cook it. These Facts would actually be useful if you want to cook Hangi so check out this blog post! Stay tuned for more! :)

Response to Text: Kai (Food) (Tuesday (W8, T3)

 Response to text:

Māori Kai

Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. A hangi is… 

a) a way Maori greet each other b) a type of food

c) an earth oven d) a way of storing food

2. Māori brought these animals with them as a source of food.

a) Pigs b) Cows

c) Dogs d) Sheep

3. Explain how Māori boiled their water

→They first heat the rock up past 100 degrees and place it in the wooden bowl of water to make it hot.

4. True or False: rua kūmara is an elevated storage platform

a) True b) False

5. Which of the following is NOT a species of whitebait?

a) Inanga b) Kōaro

c) Pikopiko     d) Kōkopu

6. Why do you think it was important for Māori to store their food underground, or above the ground?

→To keep it away from animals because they might easily eat it.

7. In your own words explain how to build a hangi.

→At the bottom of the hangi pit there are stones that have been heated up more than 100 degrees causing it to make hot steam so it can cook the food. I also didn’t mention that the stones were dipped in a wooden bowl of water to make it hot so it could also help the hot steam.

Wednesday, 8 September 2021

5 Facts: Tongan Food: Lu Sipi


Response to Text: Tongan Food

 Response to Text:

Food in Tonga

Highlight the correct answer or write down the appropriate response.

1. Which of the following is NOT an ingredient in Lu?

a) Sipi (lamb) or Pulu (beef) b) Onions

c) Coconut shell d) Taro leaves

2. Which of the following dishes uses fresh fish?

a) Puaka Tunu b) ‘Otai

c) Lu Sipi d) ‘Ota Ika

3. Explain why someone has to stay by the Puaka Tunu and constantly rotate it over heat.

→To be fully cooked and to also let the coconut liquid spread all over it so it can drip everywhere.

4. True or False: “The fruit is grated into small pieces so that it is easier to drink.”

a) True b) False

5. Faikakai Topai is a Tongan dessert. What is it?

a) Brown sugar Donuts b) Coconut Dumplings

c) Deep-fried Donuts d) Sugar Soup

6. When making ‘Otai, explain why people in Tonga might use coconut milk instead of cow's milk. 

→They use coconut milk because sometimes cow milk is not available in Tonga.

7. Write what Tongan dishes you would like to try and why.

→I would try Otai and Ota Ika because Otai is made from several different flavours and it tastes really fruity. But the one Otai I would try is Mango because that is the best. Also the reason I want to try Ota Ika is to see if it is different from the rest of the raw fish that other cultures make. Either way it will still be yum.